John Duffy
Author / Filmmaker /Songwriter / Entrepreneur
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Hi everyone.


My name is John Duffy.

Author, Filmmaker, Songwriter, and Entrepreneur.


The managing director of ASY Productions.



All music or screenplays are in essence, simply poetry recounted by a very skilled orator, the singer or actors with the silent composers in the background.


The writers.


Today’s current musical landscapes are simply dominated by high tempo beats lacking emotional connectivity.


We want to bring back that old skool experience - where music or screenplays really moves you when it came to the television or radio!

We have a huge back catalog of emotionally compelling songs and other projects, we are going to place into production.

Modern music has evolved into a drumbeat of incessant noise.

Some television formats are dated.


We need to go back to where music grabbed your ears with a story, a true vibe, and emotional connectivity.

Where television shows really grabbed the attention.

Today’s culture of the hyper-sexualization of music and television is simply selling a visual image.

The song, lyrics or subject matter of a production should be enough!

The message and emotional connectivity should be the hook that grasps the listener's ears, not the visual semi-nude display most singers or actors today try to sell themselves by.


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