An Infusion of Poetry & Music

A new musical project we have started with two talented artists.

A question at a recent musical networking event was eloquently asked by an attendee;

Is poetry music?

An intriguing supposition I thought, and so ensued this new concept.

Can emotional poetry be enhanced to further heights by evocative music?


I commissioned the talented Clinton R. Johnson from Canada to narrate, and Darren Curtis from the United States, to compose the soundtracks.

Each single is evocative and compelling, enhanced by Clinton's dulcet tones, and taken to newer magical heights, by Darren’s wonderful array of mesmerising beguiling sounds.

All tracks are only 0.99 to make them available for a lazy day of sitting with some headphones on, casually watching the world amble by, as Clinton and Darren beguile the senses!

Have a look below.

Available on iTunes, Spotify , Amazon and all other online streaming sites. Just type the title into whichever one you currently use. 

Or simply download from here.

There's currently ten evocative tracks to flick through covering an array of emotions. Use the forward button below.