Creating a new poetic production.


Apollo’s Curse


A Spoken Word short film featuring a diverse collection of actors, actresses, ages, genders, and topics.


Each script for the selected actor or actress is approximately 3 minutes long.

Filmed in whatever location they choose.


Worldwide applicants are welcomed.


After all clips are reviewed, they will be compiled together to form a short film.


As this is a new venture and self-funded, current payment at the onset is unpaid but if after pitching it to television companies and festivals, if any financial profits are made – a 50% share will be shared out equally between the selected cast. (Confirmed via contract exchange.)


If interest is high, going touring might be a variable option.


Want to be part of something exciting?

Have you got a unique personality?

Can you engage a room full of people?

Want exposure for 3 minutes of your time?

Apply, click the IMAGE below!