Covid Thoughts

A new online series for people worldwide to express their opinions, hopes, and dreams of the future - uncensored or unregulated by politicians or those with an agenda - for future generations. 

Covid-19 has changed so many lives forever.

So many have lost so much.
So many have stepped up.

True heroes have finally been recognised.

The world we all know may never be the same again, and this project is simply a means for people from all backgrounds to share their experiences: hopes, and fears linked to this historic part of the 21st Century, they are living in.

For future generations.

To all those beautiful souls lost to us.

We will always remember you.

Do their opinions match yours? 

The video clips sent in have been worldwide.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel as many more are in development. 
Opinions matter - don't let them rewrite history. 

If you want to share your thoughts, follow this link to Starnow for our casting call by clicking HERE 

and be part of history.