From St Petersburg with Love.

Our recent release to iTunes and many other streaming formats on the internet is simply called Desire. From St Petersburg with Love.


Desire plays such a pivotal role within our lives. Sometimes its uncontrollable, sometimes it’s unrequited.


Its magnetic pull drives us to such extremes to finally hold those we seek.

This enticing song, beautifully sung and delivered with a stunning acoustic contrabass arrangement, by the very talented Valerie Warntz from St Petersburg, who elevates the feel and vibe to newer heights.


All music is simply poetry in motion narrated by a very skilled orator and enhanced with subtle melodies.


I am sure you will agree, Valerie captures the essences within the lyrics and slowly whispers them into your ever inquisitive ears.

Valerie Warntz is an 19-year-old singer-songwriter from St Petersburg who has many stories from her life to share with the world.

She has been musically inclined since childhood, so at 9 years old she entered into The Sviridov's School of Arts.

 She studied guitar, piano, bass-dorma, chorus and sol-fa.

During her education, she became the winner of many International and City Competitions.

Shes had over 2 million+ views on Soundcloud and is set for big things.

We are so happy she decided to collaborate with us on this and many more in the near future.

At the age of twelve, she started writing lyrics for her songs and at the age of sixteen, she wrote her first song. 

All of her albums and music videos have been written, produced and recorded by Valerie Warntz only.

Shes so talented, and its a pleasure to have her beautiful voice and talents on-board to fulfil part of our mission statement -

to create emotional connective music.

Desire. From St Petersburg with Love is currently on multiple streaming sites at only $0.99. 

Click HERE for the iTunes link.

She's currently working on a new track!

We will be updating our website when we have a promo developed!