Glorious Love

A project linked to a rock ballad we have really high hopes for.

A track to really bring hope and love too many missing someone special.

Grief Unfurled. 

An original piece of poetry which we shaped to create this beautiful song.

It’s been produced as a rock ballad. 

A song for all those who miss someone special. 

It’s now finished production and is now on iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal, Spotify etc.


The initial piece was pitched to Guy Chambers who wrote the timeless Angels by Robbie Williams, and after one of his singers (Lexy Townsend-Rose, a female singer on all Robbie Williams produced tracks by Guy) endorsed the potential of the track, I thought we should produce it ourselves! 

I recently had to refuse a major A&R label talent department, who wanted the track for an up and coming female singer, as I had already started the production.

Matt Palfreman, the singer / songwriter does a wonderful rendition, and the music just enhances the piece to another level. 

Give it a listen.

It sounds inspiring enhanced with Matthew James Palfreman wonderful voice, and amazing acoustic arrangement's.

Matt is a singer, songwriter and music producer with over a decade of experience.


His ability to write catchy songs and memorable hooks has led him to a successful career, and he has been featured in many prominent music magazines, including NME.

He is based in the UK.


We have more tracks in the pipe line so to speak.

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Matthew James Palfreman is a music producer, songwriter and performer from Newton Abbot in the UK.

A former frontman for Still The Mind.

He is now the owner of Pavement Poet Records.

His genres include:

Alternative, Folk, Indie, Pop, and Rock.

He’s a very talented -

Songwriter, Composer, Lyricist, Topline Writer, and Beat Producer.

It’s an immense pleasure to collaborate with him on this particular track and many more in the future.

He's currently working on a new track  - The Doorway!

His instrumental ranges include a range of guitars, piano and bass.

I am sure you will agree, he’s very talented.

He recently made it to the top five on Fresh on the Net!


Benji Trantor picked him from many to be in his top five.

Its currently available on multiple streaming site such as Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal, Google Play etc.

For the iTunes link, click HERE

Only $0.99