The Salt Circle

Deep Stare

Since time has begun, the search for answers from the Great In-Between has always lingered. 


Our latest production seeks to open those grey vaults which lie embedded within humanity's unconsciousness.


If the dearly departed could speak once more, what would they say if they had the chance?


An intriguing question, indeed.


Their hopes for the future, fears, regrets, and whatever else may still linger.


We decided upon chanelling iconic characters from generational history, as someone somewhere will associate their emotional hopes or vulnerabilities.


Welcome to the Salt Circle.


If you wish to be a part of our new production, here is the link to our Starnow advertisement



The iconic figures we have decided upon include;


John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Elvis Presley, Kurt Donald Cobain, Freddy Mercury, Carole Landis, Jim Morrison, Johnny Cash, Karl Lagerfeld, Natalie Wood, and Dolores O'Riordan, Caroline Louise Flack, and Amy Winehouse, amongst others.


If you are an actor seeking to apply, all we ask is the ability to memorise the lines precisely as this production is spoken word driven, and the flow is particularly of importance. 


After memorising the script, the ability to convey emotional connectivity, with the character selected is also of the utmost importance.


For character references regarding gestures and speech delivery of the various characters, there are many publically available sources on YouTube and other social media formats.


This is an exciting project since it has never been done before.

Want to be part of something groundbreaking?


Just follow the link to Starnow which is above.


Good luck!


John Duffy

Managing Director