The Winding Road

A project we are excited to be a part of is called The Winding Road.

A beautiful possible Country track with the very talented Adela Durmaz.

A wonderful singer songwriter from Adare in Limerick, Ireland.

The Winding Road is simply a metaphor for love, as it too is a forever twisting road to eventual happiness.


The track represents the strength to continue after heartbreak, and the courage to keep walking.

Adela has such beautiful Country Music resonating throughout her unique voice.

It will be heartbreakingly beautiful.

Here’s a sample of the lyrics.

I know I’ve been afraid

And I've guarded my life

From change


But it’s a long old winding road

Loves still a long winding road

It might be time to say
Might be quiet

As you've gone away

Tears may still fall
As I look at these grey walls

But with this picture of you

By my side

If only to see your eyes

I know

I’ll survive


It’s currently in production and I will post details as it progresses.